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Education Mixed With Fun!

Your child’s curriculum is filled with opportunities to learn skills important to lifelong learning — listening, following directions, solving problems and building good work habits. The curriculum explores concepts in math, science, nature and language.

We stress, with equal importance, creating healthy relationships with fellow classmates, developing good manners and interacting with classmates and teachers in a kind, considerate way.

We provide activities carried out in individual, small and large groups. Children learn to transition from one activity to another, listen in a group setting to daily story-time, clean up, and respect each other and the rules of a classroom. Children also learn fine and gross motor skills through painting, drawing and outdoor play.

Our Current Programs

  • 3-Year Old Program
  • 4-Year Old Program
  • 4-Year Old Extended Day Program
  • Pre-K Full and Half Day (5s and older 4s)
  • Summer Camp

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